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1. Layout

This is the first phase of the construction process when building your custom designed swimming pool. During the layout phase, the outline of your swimming pool will be spray painted on the ground per plan for your approval. Any alterations to the shape and location of your swimming pool are best handled at this stage of the construction process.

2. Excavation

The second phase of construction is the excavation. In most cases a backhoe and dump truck are required for excavation. We have allowed ample time for excavation under normal digging conditions. However, there are instance when it may require additional time or equipment to excavate the jobsite, which would be an additional cost to the homeowner.

3. Plumbing & Rough Electrical

The next phase is plumbing and rough electrical. This is when we will run all plumbing lines to the pool equipment area. It is also at this time that we will plumb in all rough electrical so we can later tie in all the electrical to your equipment.

4. Steel

This is when the rebar cage is installed. All the rebar for your pool is tied at engineer specifications.

5. City Inspection

An inspector from the city or county (whoever issued your pool permit) will come out to do a pre-gunite inspection. At this time they will inspect the plumbing and steel and approve it for gunite. The inspection must be approved before we can proceed on to the gunite phase.

6. Gunite

This is the stage that your pool begins to really take its shape. The gunite is shot into the rebar cage creating the shell of the pool. The homeowner is responsible for watering the gunite beginning on the next day. The gunite should be watered at least three times per day for a minimum of 5 days. Don’t worry if water starts to accrue in the pool bottom, you can’t over-water the gunite.

7. Tile

During this phase of the construction process we will install the waterline tile that has been selected by you, the homeowner. We have a wide variety of tile each homeowner may choose from. Please visit our showroom to take a look at the different tile samples we have.

8. Decking

Once the tile is installed, we move on to the decking phase. There are a number of different options you have when it comes to the decking such as travertine decking, colored stamped decking, colored concrete, kool deck, ect. Please talk with your salesman to determine which option is best for you.

9. Equipment

Once the decking is complete we prep the pool for plastering. All equipment is ordered and will be set within a day of your pool being plastered and completed.

10. Pre-Plaster Inspection

An inspector from the city or county (whoever issued your pool permit) will come out to do a pre-plaster inspection. At this time, the inspector will inspect to make sure that all the barrier requirements have been met. Someone will need to be present to allow the inspector to confirm that all the barrier requirements inside the house have been met.

11. Plaster

Once the plaster is done, it will cure for 4-5 hours and then the homeowner can begin filling the new pool. You will be notified of the time to begin the water. The water must be started in a timely manner and may NOT be turned off during the filling process. Once the water reaches the middle of the first row of tile, you may turn off the water and remove the hose. Our serviceman will return on the next business day to start up your filtering system. Once the pool is full, the homeowner is required to brush the plaster twice a day for the first week to help with curing process. Your pool must filter 24 hours per day for 5-7 days to remove all plaster debris.


Your pool is now complete.

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